[JDEV] AIM-T Buddy List Import

Mike Szczerban mike at aspect.net
Wed Dec 19 05:55:43 CST 2001

You may want to check out Jabbertools (http://jabbertools.sf.net).  They 
were created just for this reason, to help aid in the transitioning from 
other systems to jabber.

--Mike Szczerban

JD Conley wrote:

>I'm running AIM-T 0.9.23 and it doesn't appear to 
>import buddy list contacts from AIM.  Is it supposed 
>to?  If not, why not?  Does a newer version import?  
>MSN-T seems to.  GAIM imports your buddy list and AFAIK 
>it's based on libfaim as well.  It seems it would be 
>relatively trivial to add that import process into AIM-
>T.  Or not.  What do I know.  ;-)
>I just know I have 160 buddies on my AIM buddy list and 
>would like to avoid adding those to my roster 
>manually!  I suppose I could write something to parse 
>AIM's persisted buddy list and throw it in Jabber's XML 
>format and add that to my user.xml, but that's just not 
>a very sexy solution.
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