[JDEV] ICQv7-t

alex_ safiullin at mail.ru
Wed Dec 19 06:57:17 CST 2001

>>>>> "Migs" == Migs Paraz <map at internet.org.ph> writes:

 Migs> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 11:04:22PM +1100, Jeremy Lunn wrote:
 >> Just wondering how this compares to using ICQ through the AIM Transport?
 >> The only problem with AIM Transport is that offline messages come from
 >> the transport and there is no support for P2P messaging.
 >> In the long term I would have thought there would have thought it'd be
 >> easier to maintain if AIM and ICQ were the one codebase.

 Migs> icqv7t uses libicq2000, currently part of the ickle GTK client.  

 Migs> The latest libicq2000 already does P2P, though icqv7t isn't linked against
 Migs> that yet.  I think that should be easy?  It is definitely necessary since a
 Migs> high volume Jabber server passing its messages through AOL's server won't
 Migs> be appreciated...

 yes, it's easy and p2p will be incorporated into ICQv7-t in a week. 

 and SMS as another one major feature of libicq2000 will be done as SMS subagent

 Regards, Alex_

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