[JDEV] Re: AIM-T Buddy List Import

JD Conley wackie at elite.net
Wed Dec 19 12:25:52 CST 2001

> JabberTools will import from an export AIM buddy 
> http://jabbertools.sf.net/

Hey, that looks great for me.  =)  Thanks.  However, I 
guess my problem is a bit deeper.  I was hoping the 
process was automated. I've got a couple of hundred 
users that will be calling the help desk if they have 
to click "My Aim | Export Buddy List" then run the file 
through the import or use windows explorer to find 
their ICQ .dat file.  Heck, my users don't even know 
what the name of their jabber server is.  It's masked 
from them to make it more friendly.

Any suggestions?  =)



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