[JDEV] 1.4.2-test status?

alex_ safiullin at mail.ru
Thu Dec 20 11:01:14 CST 2001

>>>>> "Migs" == Migs Paraz <map at internet.org.ph> writes:

 Migs> Hi,
 Migs> I'm wondering what work or testing needs to be done for the 1.4.2 server
 Migs> to be non-'test'.  I'm wondering because I'd like to put icqv7t into
 Migs> production, and it uses JECL.

 Yeah, I want to ask jdev gurus about the same .. 

 BTW, to make jabber-1.4.1 work with ICQv7-t you need just replace file


 by the same file from jabber-1.4.2-test

 Regards, Alex_


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