[JDEV] xdb_sql causing segmentation fault (URGENT)

art kolchinsky artkolchin at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 22:51:49 CST 2001

Hello everyone!

I've been struggling with this for a while now and I'm
nearly at the end of my rope ;).  I've got jabber 
running on a linux box.  I'm trying to get xdb_sql to
connect to an MS Sql Server through the iODBC driver
manager (sql server driver is freetds --
www.freetds.org).  I know I have ODBC running properly
because I can run simple diagnostics on it and connect
to the server... 

However, when the line <backend>odbc</backend> appears
in xdb_sql.xml, jabberd invariably crashes on start up
with a segmentation fault.

(BTW, I want jabber to connect to my DB so I can tie
in users with existing entries in my database)

Anyhow, I used gdb to trace the crash to function
"handle_query_v1", or more specifically line 932 of
xdb_sql_config.c, which is as follows:
      self->query_table[i].query = x;

Thanks very much for any possible help... I need this
done really quickly, but it's definetily not working
out for me.  BTW, I'm using xdb_sql 1.2, freetds 0.53,
jabber 1.4.1, and iODBC 3.0.5.  The only thing I can
think of is something having to do with iODBC
utilizing pthreads -- maybe jabber's multithreading
doesn't like this?  I don't know enough about linux to
really figure something like that out, however.

Any help is appreciated...

- art

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