[JDEV] hostname maps back to ourselves!

mitchell balsam mbalsam at dti.net
Fri Dec 28 12:35:43 CST 2001

I'm getting this message in the error log for all transports.

20011226T03:35:04: [alert] (aim.myserv.com): hostname maps back to
20011226T03:35:04: [notice] (aim.myserv.com): failed to establish
20011226T03:35:04: [notice] (aim.myserv.com): bouncing a packet to
aim.myserv.com from u10 at test. myserv.com/Winjab:

The dns for aim.myserv.com was entered in my hosts table. But it's not
resolvable externally.

Looked in the archive for this error but did not find anything. 

Any ideas? 


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