[JDEV] Java XML Parsers

Al Sutton al at alsutton.com
Sun Dec 30 03:38:56 CST 2001

I'm biased, but I prefer the one I wrote. It's available from
http://www.alsutton.com/ under the My Software link.

It's designed to be small, and isn't fully featured, but does enough to
cover the Jabber protocol.


On Sun, 2001-12-30 at 04:31, Matt Shepherd wrote:
> Is there a favorite Java XML parser for client development?
> I started with xerces, but came accross a strange bug.  The SAX parser wouldn't fire an event for a partial document (i.e. a jabber message).  I downloaded the source, recompiled and then it worked.  Anyone found one that works out of the box?
> Matt

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