[JDEV] Problems building msn-transport

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Sun Dec 30 14:47:36 CST 2001

Brad wrote:

 > Since nobody has been kind enough to help me out, I'm going to
 > assume my message didn't make it to the list and resend it.  Could
 > somebody help me out here?
 > I've been trying to build the msn-transport(from CVS sometime last
 > week) and am having problems with it knowing where the pth headers
 > reside.  I have the pth package under the jabber-1.4.1/jabberd
 > directory and jabber builds without a hitch.
 > I ran configure --with-jabberd=my/path/to/jabberd and it finds the
 > jabber.h header without a problem.  How do I tell it where to find
 > the pth.h header that jabber.h needs?  Here is the beginning of my
 > compilation errors indicating it can't find pth.h.
 > Making all in src make[1]: Entering directory
 > `/home/whitted/development/jabber/jabber-1.4.1/msn-transport/src' gcc3
 > -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include -I/usr/local/include
 > -I../include -I.
 > -I/home/whitted/development/jabber/jabber-1.4.1/jabberd -fPIC
 > -shared    -Wall -g -O2 -Wno-unused -c init.c In file included from
 > ../include/msntrans.h:29, from ../include/session.h:28, from
 > init.c:25:
 > /home/whitted/development/jabber/jabber-1.4.1/jabberd/jabberd.h:31:17:
 > pth.h: No such file or directory In file included from
 > ../include/msntrans.h:29, from ../include/session.h:28, from
 > init.c:25:
 > /home/whitted/development/jabber/jabber-1.4.1/jabberd/jabberd.h:129:
 > parse error before "pth_cond_t"
 > Thanks, Brad

Edit src/Makefile.am and add -I/path/to/jabberd/pth-1.3.7 to the 
INCLUDES, then autoge-er, bootstrap it again.

This is an issue with all of the transports. It's getting pretty annoying.

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jabber:julian at jabber.org

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