[JDEV] Ghasedak Instant Messenger

Mohammad K. Ghanbari webmaster at ghasedak.net
Mon Dec 24 06:17:42 CST 2001

Ghasedak Instant Messenger (GIM) Service has been stablished. You can
download its client at:
and Install it. Then create a new account and set your server to
im.qsdk.com. My GIM-ID is ghanbari at im.qsdk.com. Note that this is not
the real email address. This is just a GIM ID. 
Forgot any MESSENGERS! You can chat with your Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and IRC's
bodies with GIM!
SignUp right now!
GoodLuck with GIM!
Best Regards,
Mohammad K. Ghanbari
ICQ# 27686386
ghanbari at ghasedak.net
ghanbari at yahoo.com
http://ghasedak.com <http://ghasedak.com/> 
I.T. & Networking Company
Tel/Fax: +98-21-8501010-12
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