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Al Sutton al at personalbuddy.com
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Thanks for your reply. I will email you off the list as I feel we are
straying from the jabber theme a little.


On Sun, 2001-12-30 at 13:03, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 12:03:06PM +0000, Al Sutton wrote:
> > Daniel,
>   Al,
> > I think you may be a little confused. I think you'll find that there are
>   Sorry, no, I don't think I am.
> > specs for SAX and DOM parsers for XML, but XML itself is (or at least
> > was originally) purely a data representation format, and as such didn't
>   Right but the spec includes a lot of points that an XML parser MUST
> respect to be considered to be conformant to XML. Your code clearly is not
> and you should not advocate using it as an XML parser. Call it "markup
> parser" if you want but not XML parser because this is not.
> > I fully accept it doesn't support processing directives (such as the
> > <?xml element which is used to detail encoding), and that enforcing all
>   Which is an absolute requirement for an XML parser. How many time did
> you see messages on this list "the server disconnect because I use
> non ASCII characters" like messages ? A server based on your parser would
> not have the same behaviour as the common jabberd using expat.
> > tags are pushed into lower case isn't ideal (and is something that is
> It's just plain broken, sorry. The Jabber protocol is expected to be extensible
> and the extensions are driven by XML (c.f. the XML-RPC, XHTML, ones etc...),
> and all those are case sensitive because they are XML.
> > Myself and others have used my parser in a number of products which
> > handle the jabber protocol and thought it may be of use to Matt.
> It happen to work, to some extent. Your parser though will not generate
> the same output as something based on expat or another XML parser (seem you
> miss the CR/LF normalization which mean you will not pass the same data
> as a conformant parser for some multiline messages for example).
> It's nothing personal, just one should respects the specifications when
> they happen to exist and use conformant code/products when they
> are available.
> Daniel
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