[JDEV] Need help with 1.2 server

Gaspar, Al Al.Gaspar at lrn.va.gov
Thu Feb 1 08:50:50 CST 2001

I still need help with the 1.2 server.  I have it up and running on RedHat
7.0 on a dual processor Alpha.  It accepts an initial client connection for
a newly created user, but when that client quits, it can't get on again with
that login.  I have to create a new user login.  The error.log file has
messages about not being able to access (no such file or directory) the .xml
files in the spool directory.  The jabber.xml file is set to ./spool, and
the files are there and readable and writable by the jabber daemon.  I am
invoking jabber as './jabberd/jabberd &.'  Any help would be appreciated.


Al Gaspar
al.gaspar at lrn.va.gov

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