[JDEV] Runtime errors with Jabber 1.2/1.4RC on FreeBSD x86

Robert Gash gashalot at gashalot.com
Fri Feb 2 20:57:06 CST 2001

OK, I've searched the documentation fairly extensively, and have found
no reference to this problem.  This appears to affect both Jabber 1.2
and Jabber 1.4RC.  The software is owned by the jabber.jabber user on
the system, yet I'm startgin it as root, so I have no idea why the
service would be unavailable.  The compile completes successfully, yet
on runtime these errors are generated:

root at galileo(ttyp0):/usr/local/jabber/jabber-1.4RC# ./jabberd/jabberd -h
Loading ./jsm/jsm.so failed: 'Service unavailable'

Invalid Configuration in instance 'sessions':
<load main='jsm'>

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