[JDEV] How to make adnshost resolving my aimtrans.canasta.com

Frank Wang frank.wang at viant.com
Sun Feb 4 12:10:49 CST 2001

I have install jabber1.2 on my linux box canasta.com,
then configured the aimtrans as follow. How could I resolving
the aimtrans.canasta.com with adnshost?


For aimtrans, you need to run ./congifure with the switch "--with-jabber2".
Then make && make install.
You now need to configure jabber.xml for the AIM transport. Add the
following sections.
Add a top level service under the <jabber> element:

<service id='aimtrans.my_domain'>

Under the <agents> element uncomment the aim transport and change the jid to
match the service just created.

<agent jid="aimtrans.my_domain">
	<name>AIM Transport</name>
	  <description>This is the AIM Transport</description>
        <transport>AIM/AOL ScreenName</transport>

You should first test that adns will be able to resolve the IP addr of
aimtrans.mydomain. On my system, adns would not read from /etc/hosts so I
added an A record to our DNS. In any case, you should get the following
output from the adnshost command:

[foo at bar foo]$ adnshost aimtrans.my_domain
aimtrans.my_domain A INET 127.0.0.

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