[JDEV] How to make adnshost resolving my aimtrans.canasta.com

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Sat Feb 3 22:45:56 CST 2001

Toward the bottom of the email you see the answer - you have to add it
to DNS. installing a local DNS server on the machine will work, as only
the machines containing the transport and the server need to know how to
resolve the host: the clients only connect via the jabber server

The alternate is to edit config.h within the aim-transport/include dir,
and remove the #define HAVE_ADNS. This will cause it to use normal DNS,
which will block the entire process on lookup.

-David Waite

Frank Wang wrote:

>  I have install jabber1.2 on my linux box canasta.com,then configured
> the aimtrans as follow. How could I resolvingthe aimtrans.canasta.com
> with adnshost?cheers!  <snip>
> You should first test that adns will be able to resolve the IP addr of
> aimtrans.mydomain. On my system, adns would not read from /etc/hosts
> so I
> added an A record to our DNS. In any case, you should get the
> following
> output from the adnshost command:
> [foo at bar foo]$ adnshost aimtrans.my_domain
> aimtrans.my_domain A INET 127.0.0.

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