[JDEV] Call For Binary Contributions and Package Maintainers

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Mon Feb 5 00:32:35 CST 2001

In an effort to better organize all of Jabber I'm going to be maintaining a
list of and working with the current package maintainers for different 
distros and platforms.  If you are currently a maintainer please drop me an
email or jabber message so I make sure you get on the list.  In other news
Jabber v1.4 is ready for packaging and binary builds.  The final tarballs can
be found at http://download.jabber.org/dists/1.4/final/  We would like to start
an archive of binaries built with the make single command as well as normal
builds.  If you can contribute to this effort, again, please drop me an
email so I can make note of it on the list.  Thank you all.


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