[JDEV] RE: AIX compilation of jabber server.

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Mon Feb 5 17:41:36 CST 2001

Oops sorry I missed that one.  I'll be sure it's in the next release.


On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 05:10:27PM -0600, David Clissold wrote:
> I found that the final "jabber-1.4.tar.gz" (dists/1.4/final)
> contains the configure modifications that were suggested for AIX.
> It doesn't have the ./jabberd/lib/lib.h AIX patch, but that
> is now the only modification required to get jabber 1.4 built
> on AIX.  With that, it builds successfully and the jabberd daemon runs
> as expected.  The FPE signal that I had been getting with "1.4pre2"
> (which came out of dnsrv.so) is not occurring in the final 1.4.
> Summary: to build Jabber 1.4 on AIX, only 1 patch is needed --
> Add the following lines to ./jabberd/lib/lib.h, just after line 19:
> /** On AIX, sys/time.h does not include time.h, so do so here **/
> #ifdef _AIX
> #include <time.h>
> #endif
> David Clissold
> cliss at austin.ibm.com
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