[JDEV] Dumb Proxy Question

simkin simkin at planetfoo.org
Mon Feb 5 16:07:43 CST 2001

	You should also have port 5269 for server to server (s2s) 
communication. There are other ports that can be used but those are the
basics. check the jabber.xml file around the lines where the s2s and ssl
configuration stuff takes place, this will show you a couple of other
potential ports to open up.


On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, James Tinkess wrote:

> I have opened up 5222 on my firewall, should this single port be all
> that is required to establish a connection from jabberd? I have scoured
> the docs and don't see a specific reference to proxy operations.
> Everything works behind my firewall (ftk).
> After I opened the port up on the firewall and retargetted my client I
> could see the port waiting to be established on the jabberd machine
> (solairs 27), this tells me the request is getting thru .
> Could jabberd be attempting to send back on a port that is closed?
> thx,
> james
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