[JDEV] should we split this email list? - Yup!

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Tue Feb 6 04:27:45 CST 2001

Yes!  Please!

It is getting very busy, and I have no interest (at the moment) in wading
thought all the "How do you compile <something> on <some Linux platform>
using <some version of Jabber server>" messages, but I am really interested
in client development, and general Jabber architecture design threads.

I would suggest three lists:

- Server install and config
- Client development
- Jabber architecture



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Subject: [JDEV] should we split this email list?

> Having read JDEV religiously since August, I've been wondering if we
> split this email list in two lists--one for Jabber developers and one for
> Jabber administrators.  Here's my thinking, and tell me if I'm wrong.
> It seems like there are really two sets of people who read this
> developing software based on Jabber (clients, servers, transports, etc.)
> people installing and administering Jabber servers.  Early on, I think
> groups were one and the same, but as Jabber matures and becomes more and
> more popular, I see the group of people USING Jabber--and by "using" I
> running Jabber servers for fun or profit--vastly outnumbering the group of
> people developing Jabber software.
> Look at Apache as an analogy.  How many people run Apache?  Now, how many
> people write Apache mods or fix bugs in the server code?  Jabber is
> headed to the same distribution of interested parties.
> Now, I have another related supposition and that is that some Jabber
> software developers get turned off by the high volume of install/config
> related traffic on JDEV and tune out of the list.  And that's bad, just as
> the flipside is bad--that people who just want to help each other get the
> latest Yahoo! transport working get turned off by all the talk about
> building SSL enabled clients and the esoterics of XML grammar.
> I think what's inevitable is that there will have to be some kind of split
> to keep the respective groups' S/N ratios high, perhaps into JDEV and a
> JADMIN lists.  What do you think?
> Todd.
> ps.  One other thing I've noticed over the months is that whatever the
> is called, we need an FAQ that is regularly maintained and is sent to all
> new subscribers to the list.  I can't count the number of times someone
> a question on Wednesday, someone else answers it on Thursday, and then by
> Monday a newcomer asks the same question (and usually gets ignored,
> unfortunately).
> pps.  Ironically, I fit into both the JDEV and JADMIN groups.  I'd
> to JDEV, as I'm the maintainer of the Jabber Tcl client.  But I'd also
> subscribe to JADMIN, since I'm responsible for Jabber.com's public Jabber
> server and also provide commercial tech support to other administrators of
> Jabber servers.  Maybe everyone's like me, but I doubt it.
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