[JDEV] should we split this email list?

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Feb 6 08:44:32 CST 2001

I'm ahead of you a tiny bit and just completed this:


to subscribe.


On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 01:15:30PM -0700, Todd Bradley wrote:
> > You _have_ to expect the same questions will be asked over and over
> > again when this information is not prominently available on
> > *.jabber.org.  The "technical questions" of the FAQ are not
> > "technical" in nature.  Having a more aggressively maintained
> > "technical" faq (answering the four issues above) would cut down on
> > repeat traffic.  IMHO.
> I agree.  So it sounds like people like the idea
> of splitting the email list.  I also agree with
> John Hebert that client and server development
> should stay as a single list.  So how about we
> set up a JADMIN at jabber.org as a new list for 
> install/configuration/admin questions and leave
> JDEV at jabber.org as the development list?
> Sound reasonable?  If so, I guess that means we
> need to figure out who's the mailman admin for
> jabber.org.  ;-)
> Or an alternative is to have jabber.com host the
> new group.  We're already setting up mailman to 
> handle email lists for users of our commercial
> products, and it would be easy to add a JADMIN
> list for general open source server topics.
> Todd.
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