[JDEV] ICQ Transport

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Feb 6 16:04:48 CST 2001

I've successfully installed ICQ-t but unfortunately I'm getting a 405
(Not Allowed) error when I try to do anything with it (such as
register). However, here are the relevant portions of the jabber.xml
file from my test server so you can see how I did it....


// this goes in the <browse/> section...

        <service type="icq" jid="icq.jabber.to" name="ICQ Transport">


// this goes somewhere after the <service id="jud"> section
// but before the <io/> section

  <service id="icq.jabber.to">
    <icqtrans xmlns="jabber:config:icqtrans">
      <instructions>Please enter your ICQ number (in the "username"
                    nickname, and password.  Leave the "username" field
                    to create a new ICQ number.</instructions>
      <search>Search for ICQ users</search>
        <FN>ICQ Transport</FN>
        <DESC>This is ICQ Transport</DESC>


Carlos del Castillo wrote:
> Hello everybody, I'm new to jabber.
> I have downloaded the jabber server 1.4, and the icq-transport. But I
> really don't know how to start the icq transport. I have compiled it.
> The readme says something about the service and browse sections, but I
> don't know where to put those lines.
> I have inserted the browse section, but I don't know what to do witrhe
> the service section. Could somebody help me with this.
> Thank you very much.
> Carlos del Castillo.
> ccastillo at qoslabs.com
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