[JDEV] Upgraded to jabber1.4RC

james rogers buckrogers1965 at go.com
Wed Feb 7 10:58:47 CST 2001

Last night I switched from jabber server 1.2 to 1.4 and so far everything is good.  I installed on a sun sparc running SunOS 5.7.

I ran into a problem in the configure with a test having "==" instead of "=". Once I  fixed that I was able to run the .configure and it worked.

I then editted the platform-settings file to correct it for the location of the libraries and the location where I am going to run the jabberd server.  I wish that the running directory wasn't hard coded at compile time, but would get its value from either an environmental variable, or default to the current directory if the environmental variable wasn't set.

I then ran the Sun make which now works, instead of the GNU make.  Everything was made without any errors and seemed to work just fine.

I copied the spool files from the 1.2 spool directory to a new directory that I had setup for 1.4.  I then copied the .so loadable modules from the different directories to a single modules directory. I copied the jabber.xml and modified that file so that jabber could still find all of its loadable modules.

I stopped the 1.2 jabberd and started the 1.4 jabberd.  Even though I ran the jabberd server with a nohup, when I logged out it detected that the parent PID was changed to 1, gave this error and quit:

20010207T02:25:38: [alert] (stdout): Parent PID has changed, Server Exiting

Once I ran the jabberd server inside a shell and nohupped the shell I was able to exit and have jabberd stay running.

So far, so good. :)

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