[JDEV] mod-register

dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com
Wed Feb 7 11:18:17 CST 2001

From: Dave Parkes at IBMGB on 07/02/2001 05:18 PM

To:   jdev at jabber.org
Subject:  mod-register

     I am trying to implement a web registration for jabber users with
minimum effort. My plan was to disable mod-register in the main jabberd
which is listening on port 5222 to prevent normal users from registering
using the client. I would then  enable mod-register in a separate jabberd
listening on another port with access limited to a single ip address (the
web server). My web registration then runs java servelets using jabber
beans to perform the register as if it were the user.

I'm running into a few jabber config problems and wondered if anyone had
tried anything similar.

Please tell me if I'm mad to even try this approach!

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