Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Thu Feb 8 05:31:27 CST 2001

On Wed, Feb 07, 2001 at 05:19:22PM -0700, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I've created a basic HOWTO for the 1.4 server. I hope to add more detail
> over the next few weeks. The URL is:
> http://docs.jabber.org/no-sgml/howto-1.4.html
> Your feedback is welcome.

Adding the Yahoo Transport

  I have not yet had success compiling the Yahoo Transport code, but once I
  do I will add information about it to this document. If you want to give
  it a try, grab yahoo-transport-0.8-1.4.linux.tar.gz from

I think that I was using this version with the 1.4 final and had 2
problems compiling it

1: it seems to expect to find jabberd.h in a directory include in
   the jabberd source tree
2: the symbol JABBERD_INC is not being defined in src/Makefile
   which results in
   INCLUDES = -I$(JABBERD_INC) -I$(includedir) -I$(top_builddir)/include
   expanding to a compiler command lines of the form
   -I  -I/foo/bar -I../include

   so that gcc sees that as a directive to add "-I/foo/bar" and "../include"
   to the include path, not "/foo/bar"
   (and "/foo/bar" was where jabberd.h was)

I think I had 2 problems, but I'd already attempted to hack round problem
1 before hitting problem 2, so I may have mucked things up and caused number
2 for myself

The yahoo transport I've compiled will load into the jabberd, but seems to
lock up when registering, or even core dump:

#0  0x40096897 in strlen (str=0x7265676e <Address 0x7265676e out of bounds>)
    at ../sysdeps/i386/strlen.c:27
#1  0x8056e2e in jid_new (p=0x8213218, 
    idstr=0x7265676e <Address 0x7265676e out of bounds>) at jid.c:64
#2  0x401bf72f in yahoo_send_presence (s=0x82e38a8, jp=0x0, 
    from=0x82bec88 "yahoo.hippomessenger.com/registered", type=0x0, 
    status=0x401c2f11 "Yahoo! Online", show=0x0) at presence.c:306
#3  0x401c0b36 in yahoo_session_create (yti=0x8129500, 
    user=0x82cfdc0 "benji734", pword=0x82cfe50 "biscuit", jp=0x82e2b68)
    at sessions.c:351
#4  0x401bdcb6 in yahoo_parse_iq_set (yjp=0x82e2c08) at parser.c:189
#5  0x401be0f4 in yahoo_parse_jpacket (arg=0x82e2c08) at parser.c:254
#6  0x8055516 in mtq_main (arg=0x8133ba8) at mtq.c:150
#7  0x4001bcee in pth_spawn_trampoline () from /usr/local/lib/libpth.so.13
#8  0x40019e58 in pth_mctx_set_bootstrap () from /usr/local/lib/libpth.so.13
#9  0x40019dd6 in pth_mctx_set_trampoline () from /usr/local/lib/libpth.so.13
#10 0x40057408 in __restore ()
    at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/sigaction.c:127
#11 0x2f3c3e79 in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x656b2f3c.

so for the moment I've removed it from my configuration in the hope that
it would be solved by the time of an official 1.4 release.

I hope this is of help

Nicholas Clark

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