[JDEV] Site updates re lists

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Thu Feb 8 17:02:33 CST 2001

The following pages may need to be updated to help redirect install
and admin questions to jadmin.

  http://docs.jabber.org/no-sgml/faq.trp (last question)

I was going to see this to a website contact, but :


is giving a 'Content Template file missing!' error right now.

What is .trp, anyway?  http://www.jabber.org/credits.trp mentions
TARP, which I assume is the same, but web searches didn't come up with
much about TARP (as a web thing, at least).

-- jared at wordzoo.com

"To go outside the mythos is to become insane...." -- Robert Pirsig

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