[JDEV] ICQ - Waiting for Instructions ....

Frank Wang frank.wang at viant.com
Fri Feb 9 08:17:02 CST 2001


It's the same for me. 
Anyone has solved this problem?
I got the ICQ-t from version 1.4/final directory.


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I am using winjab and get a Waiting for Instructions box when trying to =
I tried with the ..:search and without same thing

<service type=3D"icq" jid=3D"icq.rterrajab.com" name=3D"ICQ Transport">

<service id=3D"icq.mydomain.com">
  <icqtrans xmlns=3D"jabber:config:icqtrans">
       Please enter your ICQ number (in the "username" field),
       nickname, and password. Leave the "username" field blank
       to create a new ICQ number.
       <FN>ICQ Transport</FN>
       <DESC>rTerraJab ICQ Transport</DESC>

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