[JDEV] 1.4 on Alpha Linux?

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Fri Feb 9 08:38:20 CST 2001

there is a message in the mailinglist earlier,  one told how he solved this
problem exluding some of the mod (mod_auth_digst as far as i remember)

try searching the mailinglist archive 01-02 2001

hope that helps

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Subject: [JDEV] 1.4 on Alpha Linux?

> When I have a little time, I'll try 1.4 Final on my dual processor Alpha
> running Redhat 7.0.  The RC was having the same problem as 1.2--I could
> an initial subscription, but subsequent attempts to log in would fail.
> Might this be a symptom of the Redhat 7.0 gcc problem?  Does anyone know
> that problem extends to the Alpha platform?  Meanwhile, 1.4 Final runs
> on my low horsepower 6.1 Intel box...
> Cheers--
> Al
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