[JDEV] jabber.org Broken DNS?

Thibaut Colar tcolar at qarbon.com
Sat Feb 10 13:57:15 CST 2001

I have same problem here,
and it was working fine yesterday, i didn't made any change
look like theyr DNS is acting weird !!

At 13:14 10/02/01 -0600, you wrote:
>I am currently having a problem doing s2s from my server to jabber.org. I am
>getting constant Server Connect Timeout's and therefore cannot get
>jabber.org users presences, or join a groupchat. Here is the error message I
>am getting...
>20010210T19:11:05: [alert] (s2s): We were told by conference.jabber.org that
>our sending name instantisp.net is invalid, either something went wrong on
>their end, we tried using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to
>20010210T19:11:05: [notice] (conference.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to
>jdev at conference.jabber.org/needo from erich at instantisp.net/Gabber: Server
>Connect Failed
>In talking with other individuals on #jabber on openprojects others are
>experiencing the same problem...
>Erich Zigler        
>If I have pinged farther than others, it is because I routed
>upon the T3s of giants."  -- Greg Andrews
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