[JDEV] how to run the server?

Ayite Gaba ayite at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 09:16:43 CST 2001

>i can't seem to keep the server running all the time..
>after i started the server, once i logged off the linux shell, the jabberd
>exits, saying that the parent pid change?  or something similar to that..
>can some unix guru give me some help here?  i tried nohup, and that did not
>seem to work...

I am having the same problem since version 1.0. So I upgraded to server 1.4 
but nope same issue remains. I cannot keep Jabber server running all the 

After installing 1.4, i fired it up. I could subscribe a new account. But my 
client can longer login to the jabber server as soon as i logged off the 

I get the following message everytime i try to re-start the server.

"A pidfile already exists at the specified location.  Check to ensure 
another cop y of the server is not running, or remove the existing file. "

Please give me some hints or ideas about what might be wrong. I greatly 
appreciate your help. Thank you,
-- Ayite
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