[JDEV] MSN transport config?

Lars Petersen lp at coder.dk
Mon Feb 12 06:28:19 CST 2001

I'm having trouble running the (latest) MSN transport,
when I start it with -c msntrans.xml it says:

Configuration parsing using /home/jabber/new/jabber2/msntrans.xml failed

I've tried a lot, and now the msntrans.xml looks like so:

  <service id="msnlinker">
  <service id="msn.localhost">
    <msntrans xmlns="jabber:config:msntrans">
      <instructions>Enter your MSN Messenger account and password. Example:
user1 at hotmail.com.  Nickname is optional.</instructions>

In jabber.xml I've put:
        <service type="msn" jid="msn.localhost" name="MSN Transport">
  <service id="msnlinker">

I don't see why it isn't working, I hope you can help me out.

=) Lars

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