[JDEV] Parent PID changed, exiting...

Vimal Krishnan vkrishna at vayusphere.com
Mon Feb 12 12:20:18 CST 2001

Thanks, this fixed my problem of exiting server after closing the shell.


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In the jabber-1.4RC/jabberd/base direcrtory in a file called base_stdout.c
on line 51 is the function that was added for jabberd version 1.4 (i.e. not
found in jabberd 1.2).  This is the function that is needless and causing
the server to exit when it's parent process is changed.o

Here it is:

result base_stdout_heartbeat(void *arg)
    static int parent = 0;

    if(parent == 0) parent = getppid();

    if(parent != getppid())
        /* parent pid has changed, bail */
        log_alert("stdout","Parent PID has changed, Server Exiting");

    return r_DONE;

I am guessing that if we change it to the following that we will keep
running when we logout of the shell...

result base_stdout_heartbeat(void *arg)
    return r_DONE;

But before I do this in my own installation...  Why was this check added?
What are we actually checking for here and is there another way to do the
same check?

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