[JDEV] Internal Timeout Error

Keith Minkler kminkler at jabber.com
Mon Feb 12 15:16:42 CST 2001

The first error (internal timeout) means that base accept has not heard from your aim-transport jabberd
although it had packets waiting for it.  those packets will eventually timeout with "internal timeout" errors
if you have your config file setup to accept a connection from another jabberd to talk to aim-trasnprot,
then you need to run that other jabberd with a connect section to connect to the parent jabberd.
otherwise you can simply change the <accept/> section with a <load/> section for aim transport 
to run it all in a single jabberd.

as for the second error, This is more than likely due to update.jabber.org running out of s2s sockets,
it therefore cannot connect back (using dialback authentication) to your server, and so it sends you 
an error (on the socket that you connected to it on).  and any dialback error from another server
generates that message... IMHO, that message should probably be a "warn" message, not an "alert"

Keith Minkler

On Sat, Feb 10, 2001 at 06:25:08PM -0500, Kevin Limperos wrote:
> Hi,
>     I've just installed the Jabber 1.4/final server with the AIM 0.9.0 transport on RH 6.2. Whenever I connect with WinJab, the server consistently generates 'Internal Timeout' and 'Server Connect Failed' entries, despite actually logging the WinJab clients into the AIM transport. For instance:
> 20010211T00:16:03: [notice] (aim.themonitor.omnipod.com): bouncing a packet to aim.themonitor.omnipod.com/registered from zod5000 at themonitor.omnipod.com/Home; Internal Timeout
> 20010211T00:18:25: [notice] (update.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to 959967039@
> update.jabber.org/ from zod6000 at themonitor.omnipod.com/Home; Server Connect Failed
> What is the likely culprit: a problem with the installation, the O/S version, the jabber.xml file or some other element? 
> These messages also appear over and over like a plague of locusts:
> 20010211T00:18:25: [alert] (s2s): We were told by update.jabber.org that our sending name themonitor.omnipod.com is invalid, either something went wrong on their end, we tried using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to us
> The server is behind a firewall - how can I shut this off?
> Thank you.
> -Kevin
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