[JDEV] DNS Problems

Dan Cunningham Dan_Cunningham at ECOVATE.com
Mon Feb 12 19:28:35 CST 2001

Hi I'm having a few issues regarding DNS.

First is my imediate problem.  I keep getting errors back from jabber.com
when trying to send messages to users on their server:
(s2s) We were told by jabber.org that our sending name ecovate.com is
invalid .........

So I'm guessing that DNS failed to point back to us.  I have ecovate.com
pointing to jabber.ecovate.com (the server name), and the server is running
with hostname ecovate.com (./jabberd -h ecovate.com).  I also have MX
entries that look like this
 @	IN	MX	5	mailhost.ecovate.com.
 @	IN	MX	100	ecovate.com. //not for mail, for reverse
jabber lookup

and a SRV
_jabber._tcp	IN	SRV	0	1	5222	ecovate.com

but am not even sure if that srv record is correct or even used. And
ecovate.com --> jabber.ecovate.com(ip)

Next Question

I would prefer to just have my DNS point the SRV or last MX record to
jabber.ecovate.com and not point the empty host ecovate.com to it.  While I
think this would work on a server level, Clients I'm guessing would have to
connect to jabber.ecovate.com (unless they are following the jabber MX/SRV
rules), in which case they would get an error back from the server because
it thinks its just ecovate.com.  Whats my solution?  I don't want to have
usernames like user at jabber.ecovate.com (hence MX and SRV records), but I'm a
little stumped with how clients connect using DNS.


(ps I'm using 1.4 on Linux)

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