[JDEV] announcing support.jabber.com

Todd Bradley TBradley at jabber.com
Tue Feb 13 10:51:50 CST 2001

Hi, when you've got a moment, go see a preview of http://support.jabber.com.
This web site will grow into the definitive source of technical information
on Jabber.com products, such as JabberIM and the Jabber Commercial Server.
Plus, this is the place to go for help using the Jabber.com public Jabber
service.  And over time, you'll find this site useful for info on the open
source Jabber clients and servers, and the Jabber movement in general.

We have the basic site structure together now, and are fleshing out the
content for the next month.  We'd love to hear your feedback.  If you have
any suggestions or comments, or any tips, FAQs, etc. that you think we
should add or point to, please let us know by emailing webmaster at jabber.com.

Thanks for your time,

Todd Bradley - Director of Support Services - Jabber.com, Inc.
tbradley at jabber.com - 303-308-3666
"Software is largely a service industry operating under the persistent but
unfounded delusion that it is a manufacturing industry."  - Eric Raymond

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