[JDEV] Messages when out of computer

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Wed Feb 14 16:21:21 CST 2001

Michal Leinweber wrote:

> Can somebody describe me how can Jabber handle this situation:
> - I'm logged to Jabber at computer1
> - I go away from this computer ....
> - somebody sends me a message - my client receives it - but I dont read it
> - I come to computer2 and log into Jabber with the same JID.... (so new
> messages come here)
> Is it possible to receive messages that was received by first instance on
> computer1?

Not with the current implementation. Once a message is delivered, the server
has no recollection of it.

The one possibility I can think of is to have the client on computer1 support
a custom namespace to request all pending messages (making sure the from JID
matches your JID except for the resource).

A usability problem though - what does the other client do when the messages
are read on another client - will you notify it to delete its unread message

> And second question: is it possible to store some information about contact
> in roster? (some configuration details about each contact...)

Please store this in another namespace: there are near-infinite strings you
could store this information under. Not only will other clients not be
expecting this information, but the data may not persist on other server/xdb
component implementations, as it is not in the DTD for the roster.

-David Waite

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