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Robert Temple robert.temple at dig.com
Thu Feb 15 19:45:03 CST 2001

I've implemented file transfer in my client using the HTTP described below.
When I was starting the work I realized that Jabber doesn't define
a standard way of negotiating the HTTP connections so I came up with
something that I thought was somewhat secure.  I talked about it here:


and got a response here:

I got a few more responses, but this one is the most important.

Hope this helps,

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Heya Shawn!

there is actually a jabber:iq:oob for indicating that you wish to do this
of (file) transfer.

Steps go as follows:
you decide you want to send someone a mpeg
you send them a oob request
they process your oob request and establish a connection.

the few clients which support this use HTTP for the transfer. Either a
mini-HTTP server locally is used to perform the transfer, or some
server (such as a HTTP server with WebDAV) gets the file and keeps it. I do
know if there is a standardized 'reply' after the file is complete,
or the user gives up - the timeout of an object is difficult to determine.

-David Waite

"Mills, Shawn" wrote:

> Hey JDEV,
> Is it possible to do client-to-client (out-of-band) transfers? As a client
> developer, do we have access to the IP address of someone on our buddy
> Can we just send them a jpeg or mpeg directly (assuming they are running
> same client software we are)?
> Just wondering if anyone has tried this.
> Thanks!
> +Shawn
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