[JDEV] JabberCOM in C#

Nathan Phelps nphelps at solarc.com
Fri Feb 16 10:19:09 CST 2001

Does anyone have any experience using JabberCOM from Microsft's new C#
environment?  I can't figure out how to do events.  According to the C#
documentation you use a delegate.  All the examples use the ever popular
button like so:

Button button = new Button();
button.Click += new EventHandler(this.myButtonClickHandler);

Then, in your class, you define a method called myButtonClickHandler which
handles the event like so:

public void myButtonClickHandler(object sender, EventArgs e){
  //handle this event here.

This does indeed work for buttons and other events I've tested.  However, I
can't seem to get the events in JabberCOM to work.

JabberSession session = new JabberSession();
session.OnConnect += new EventHandler(this.myOnConnectHandler);

public void myOnConnectHandler(object sender, EventArgs e){
  //handle this event here.

It throws the following exception:

U:\Personal\Development\Projects\CSharp\Jabber\Class1.cs(14): Cannot
implicitly convert type 'System.EventHandler' to

I am further mystified by the fact that the C# IDE shows all these extra
methods that I don't see from Visual Basic.  For each event it includes an
add[EventNameHere]Handler and a remove[EventNameHere]Handler.  Each takes
that particular type of event as its argument.  I tried using these and
passing in an IJabberSessionEvents_OnConnectEventHandler, but as you might
imagine, that didn't work either.

Any ideas?



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