[JDEV] Re: SSL (via) stunnel help..

kadokev at msg.net kadokev at msg.net
Fri Feb 16 14:55:57 CST 2001

As to the question of using stunnel on the client to connect to a Jabber
server via SSL, IIRC, the LMHOSTS entry is the only way to get this to work,
short of changing the client software.

Speaking of Jabber via SSL, I am interested in determining what changes need
to be made to a Jabber client for it to become 'proxy aware', and work
correctly with a HTTP proxy. My proxy server listens on port 80 and is
SSL aware.  I'm having little luck finding definitons of how the
client->proxy interaction is supposed to work.

My proxy server works with the AIM client when I check 'connect using proxy'
in the 'Connection' tab and choose 'HTTPS' as the proxy protocol. I'd like
to see similar functionality in JabberIM or even a commercial Windows client.


> Anyone have any clues on this?
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> From: "Michael F. March" <march at indirect.com>
> Subject: SSL (via) stunnel help..
> > I am trying to use stunnel (on the client side) to connect to
> > my Jabber server via SSL. The only way I can get it to work
> > is I have to put entries in my LMHOSTS file saying that 
> > is the IP address of the server I am connection to.
> > 
> > Is their any way to get stunnel to work without doing DNS tricks?

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