[JDEV] New XDB requests (namespaces) in 1.4 server

Lubos Pochman Lubosp at DesktopDollars.com
Fri Feb 16 15:46:16 CST 2001

There seems to be two new XDB namespaces (request types) in
1.4 server for transports. They are:


Because we are implementing our own XDB (ODBC based),
I was wondering if those two namespaces are documented somewhere,
and if not if somebody can explay the meaning for them
(what to get/set as response to those namespaces).

Thanks, Lubos.

Lubos Pochman, AudienceBank Media, Inc.,
357 S.McCaslin Blvd, Suite #224, Louisville, CO 80027
phone: (303)926-4929, email: nospam_lubosp at desktopdollars.com

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