[JDEV] No such file and bouncing packet

Ayite Gaba ayite at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 16 22:31:10 CST 2001


I keep getting the following warning, notice and error messages in my 
error.log file. Below is some few line from my error.log where 
mydomainhere.com has been replaced by my actual localhost.

20010216T08:45:47: [warn] (icq.mydomainhere.com): xdb_file failed to open 
file ./spool/icq.mydomainhehe.com/username%mydomainhere.com.xml: No such 
file or directory

20010216T22:19:13: [notice] (users.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to 
users.jabber.org from foo at mydomainhere.com/JabberIM: Server Connect Timeout

Can someone please help me sorting thing out? Thanks -- Ayite.

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