[JDEV] JabberBeans 0.9.0 pre 2 released

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Wed Feb 21 03:36:49 CST 2001

I am pleased to (officially) announce JabberBeans 0.9.0 prerelease 2,
part of the long road to 1.0 :-) You can find out more and also download
JabberBeans from http://jabberbeans.org

Changes/Fixes include:

- Change to the Connection event model, to provide more information when
a connection event change occurs.
- added abstract sendFailed method to PacketRebroadcaster class (more
cosmetic than anything)
- fixed omission in RosterAdapter (did not inheirit from RosterListener)

- corrected some classes which were relying on internally deprecated
- bugfix in JID comparison code.
- changed DOM parser used for building out with exact same parser (kinda
silly, but the license for the release of the parser I was using before
was too restrictive)
- fixed typo which broke jabber:iq:time handling
- fixed typo which prevented jabber:iq:search handling
- added code to automatically escape text before being sent out as XML
(so that '<','>',"'",'"','&' work)
- fixed error type reporting for Message
- 'graceful' disconnect implementation
- cleanup of some old code in the SAX handlers
- bugfix for jabber:x:delay handler (so that non-conformant data does
not throw a NullPointerException)

Changes before 0.9.0 final will probably include:
- Addition of a new Authentication Bean (which will manage tasks done by
client applications up to being authenticated with the server, including
registration and things like zero-knowledge authentication) and a
Contact Management Bean (handle presence and roster caching)
- possible changes to the new ConnectionEvent interface based on
developer feedback
- and of course, many bugfixes

-David Waite

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