[JDEV] (HELP!) How to get a JabberSession pointer from JabberCOM

Michael F Lin Michael_F_Lin at us.ibm.com
Wed Feb 21 11:43:08 CST 2001

Hi Jim,

The problem here is in __uuidof(IJabberSession). This gives you the GUID of
the IJabberSession interface. However, what you want to pass to
CreateInstance is the GUID of a class, not of an interface. I'm not exactly
sure how #import would have decided to declare the JabberSession class, but
you might try __uuidof(JabberSession) or CLSID_JabberSession.

Hope this helps,
Mike Lin
mflin at us.ibm.com

dai_jin at 21cn.com@jabber.org on 02/21/2001 08:35:38 AM

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I imported JabberCOM and used following code:

IJabberSessionPtr pSession;
hr = pMsg.CreateInstance(__uuidof(IJabberSession));
if (SUCCEEDED(hr))

but i always get an error(SUCCEEDED(hr) is FALSE).
What i missed?

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