[JDEV] jabber 1.4 crashes on NetBSD

User Noud noud at knot.nl
Sat Feb 24 14:43:00 CST 2001

i tried building jabber-1.4 .. and cvs but still:

Sat Feb 24 20:18:06 2001  client.c:186 Writing packet to MIO: <iq id='0'
type='error'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:auth'><username>n
oud</username></query><error code='401'>Unauthorized</error></iq>
Sat Feb 24 20:18:06 2001  mio.c:898 mio_write called on x: 81E6000 buffer:
Sat Feb 24 20:18:06 2001  mtq 8087D00 leaving to pth
Sat Feb 24 20:18:06 2001  dnsrv.c:143 dnsrv: Read error on coprocess(1): 60
Connection timed out
Sat Feb 24 20:18:06 2001  dnsrv.c:157 DNSRV CHILD: out of loop.. exiting normal
User defined signal 2

a static build does the same crash.puzzled..

E-Mail: User Noud <noud at knot.nl>
Date: 24-Feb-01
Time: 21:41:12

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