[JDEV] quote problems in groupchat

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at home.com
Sat Feb 24 16:29:06 CST 2001

Anyone noticed this problem... everything after a double or single quote
get truncated by the conference server...

SENT: <message id="JCOM_3" to="jabber at wcrsh501.ca.nortel.com"
type="groupchat"><body>i won&apos;t</body></message>
RECV: <message id='JCOM_3' to='jfitzell at crestdoc.ca.nortel.com/Home'
from='jabber at wcrsh501.ca.nortel.com/9c1656b8076a3c851be1e97867dbe77b63a831ef
' cnu=''><body>i won</body></message>

I've tried it in WinJab and JabberIM with the newest version of conference
from CVS.

The problem seems to occur to the last person who joins the chat.  When the
first person joins, they get all messages with quotes or apostrophes
truncated but when a second person joins, the problem transfers to that
person and it works fine for the first person...

This is a "make static" build on HP-UX though I can't imagine that would
make any difference...


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