[JDEV] Infrastructur/Extension Questions

javaguy512 javaguy512 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 08:42:05 CST 2001

Hi There

I have just installed the 1.4 server for the first time and it seems to
be running ;) Yay. Now I have some infrastructure questions which if
anybody can shed some light on I"d be grateful.

I have a bingo java applet which is currently xml rpc enabled to a
python bingo server.Now this game has a simple chat component, and I
want to boost that aspect of the game by using jabber as my chat server
rather than my simplified python chat server. I'd prefer to keep away
from C if I can, with python being my fav language.

My question is can I use jabber not only for the chat but also for the
bingo protocol too??? I;ve seen some posts about embedding xml-rpc
within an iq packet, and it seems like this can happen. I'll describe
the 3 main things I need, and how I think jabber could help me. I need

1. broadcast messages

If all my clients entered a game groupchat, then I could pass xml-rpc to
them all by messaging the group

Now, I have tried to use the <exec>python file</exec> to be my new bingo
service, it seems to fire up but as yet I'm not getting anything out of
it ;) Anyway would this method be a good way to deal with the broadcast
messages? I'd have a game timer in the python file, which would start
all clients at the same time, notify bingos etc. Would using
stdin/stdout of a single process be sufficient for hundreds of clients?

2. client requests for bingo cards

each client will ask for more cards at any time, and I send xml-rpc,
currently up to 40 cards at a time, back to the client

 Again, I can see how I can have a python extension process for getting
cards, but would the stdin/stdout approach work for hundreds of clients?

3. I need to maintain bingo state for each client.??

Is it possible to intiate a socket instead  to the extension, then maybe
I could track each request as I'm doing now.

So, I may be barking up the wrong tree entrirely, and should stick to
just chat ;). If it's possible can it be done in python and not C. My
motivation is  to have one network connecction from the applet which can
de-multiplex anything I throw at it ,be very small and have jabber as
the core infrastructure for all message passing for bingo and other
games. Currently my applet is about 150K with xml-rpc support, and I'd
like to keep it there. EVentually, I'd like to be able to save the state
of graphic objects through this interface too .. so I want it to be very

Am I mad or what?

Thanks for any help


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