[JDEV] ICQ transport problem

Maciek Borowka borowka at medialogic.it
Tue Feb 27 19:49:47 CST 2001

I have got the same problem and IMHO it's a problem
in icq transport in jabber.
In my case, I was not able to send a message to a person on ICQ
if he doesn't send me a message first.
I take a brief look at icq-transport code and I found out that it is
not able to connect to peer by itself. In fact, it actually connects,
but it is not able to send peer init correctly. (file mio_peer.c,
function _it_peer_connect)
So, what I did was to change a little bit file icq_message_out.c,
function void it_message_send(contact c, imessage m)
instead of 
//old version:
    if (c->connected)

    if (c->m == NULL)
        it_peer_connect(c); //IT DOESN'T WORK??
    pth_msgport_put(c->queue,(pth_message_t *) m);

i put:
//new version
    if (c->connected)
       log_debug(ZONE,"Forced server send.");

I know: it's ugly, but now it works!
Does anybody have a better idea?


On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 10:29:51 +0900 ±èÀ¶¿µ wrote:

> When using the icq-transport in x86 linux, if the other person doesn't
> send a message first using winjab, I can't send that person a message at
> all.
> What is the solution to this problem?
> Winjab's flatform is Win2k

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