[JDEV] japanese characters in yahoo transport

Tetsuto SHIMOMURA tact at klab.org
Tue Jul 3 00:24:32 CDT 2001

Hi Martin, 

We are running a jabber server in Japan -- jabber.jp.
In Japan, Yahoo! Japan provides its own Yahoo Messenger service.
So, we modified Yahoo Transport to connect to the Yahoo-J server
and we are trying to send/receive messages in Japanese.

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:18:06 +0900
"Martin Shadbolt" <martin at imahima.com> wrote:

> If anybody has any suggestions on how I should encode/decode  the XML
> message to send/receive messages to an external message system in Japanese
> it would be a great help.

Yahoo-J uses SHIFT-JIS encoding. (Japanese major encoding)
In former days, we could send/receive Japanese messages
using SHIFT-JIS encoding via Yahoo-J Transport. 
Clients are JIM and WinJab.
But for some reason (transport's version or something),
now it works wrong. It's a question.

Tetsuto SHIMOMURA <tact at klab.org>
jabber: tact at jabber.jp

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