RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further

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Tue Jul 3 10:31:37 CDT 2001

Hehee.. :)

Sorry for not replying to the orignal post but I've updated and notice no
new behaviour at all. Everything is functioning pretty much as it was. I've
still got the same crash as before (just after XMLTag event is triggered
after receiving a mesage) but am waiting on my copy of Delphi so I can debug
the thing. 

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    Did you bother to *SEND* any presence to the server?

    Just becouse you login JabberCOM does not 'assume' you want to announce
your presence to the world..

From: "Karthik K H" <karu708 at>
Subject: RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further
> > Continuing on the updated JabberCOM dll,
> > i think i found some really nasty bugs. It looks
> > like
> > if a client logs onto the server, the presence is
> > not
> > being set as "online". I am testing this with my
> > VC++
> > client and the Jabber Instant Messenger application.
> > when i log into the server as different users , i do
> > not get any presence event on either my application
> > nor on JIM. i cannot send any chat message from JIM
> > to

  Repeat after me..  'Feature'..

> > my application becasue JIM thinks that the other is
> > still "offline" and the message gets cached.
> > looks like the JabberCOM dll developer has messed up
> > with his code versions...

    Umm, no..   8-)  Got the developer part right, just the wrong one..

    *Ducks from incoming potatoe barage..*

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