RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further

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Tue Jul 3 13:35:09 CDT 2001

You could always connect and not declare your presence to anyone (of course
you will not see anyone's presence either). Therefore, you need to do it

JabberCOM will not send <presence><status>Online</status></presence> until
you do call IJabberSession::PutAvailable(bool) method.


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> oh yeah....
>  what if i were to tell u that the same damn
> application works just fine if i use the JabberCOM dll
> that comes shipped with the Jabber Instant Messenger
> Ver 1.7. which is obviously older than the JabberCOM
> Dll 2.4.x...!!!

    Then I'd say I'm not sure why, becouse I don't belive that the behavior
changed between the versions.  Perhaps it did.  Best thing I can say is, you
now need to send presence manually.  This is becouse you actually have a
choice in WHO you want to send presence to.  Hypothetically, instead of
simply sending presence to the server, and allowing *IT* to broadcast it to
everyone, you could send individual packets to the few people you WANT to
see you online.  If JabberCOM auctomatically sent a presence packet, it
would negate this feature..

> i am a professional developer and wont make some
> arbitrary statements with out testing the whole thing.
> Unless the usage of the DLL itself is changed from
> it's previous version.. which is not my fault

    So now we're assigning blame for a change in functionality?  Shesh..
Please, DON'T FIRE ME..  I CAN'T AFFORD to lose thi..

    HHHeeeeeyyyyy now....    8-P

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