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Tue Jul 3 14:44:09 CDT 2001

I would suggest that calling people names flys in the face of your claim to
be a "professional" developer.  Perhaps you should start with being an adult
and try to work up from there.

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i can't imagine a few people are so dim-witted here

the presence problem is not just one-way, it is both
ways.  To put in more simpler terms...
My VC++ client does not receive any presence
notifications even if a user logs in on another
machine using Jabber Instant Messenger....

and more over here is the code that i have after I do
a SUCCESSFUL login...

m_pJabberSession->PutAvailable(TRUE) ;
CString status("available") ;
m_pJabberSession->PutStatus(status.AllocSysString()) ;
m_pJabberSession->SendMyPresence() ;

and for those who might ask rather dimwittedly "what
abt the login , was it successful ?"
yes yes yes i have this code only after i make a 
check for a successful login...

and what abt those ducks now ??
ha ha ha ha ha....

--- Dmitriy Kolegayev <dmitriy at> wrote:
> You could always connect and not declare your
> presence to anyone (of course
> you will not see anyone's presence either).
> Therefore, you need to do it
> manually.
> JabberCOM will not send
> <presence><status>Online</status></presence> until
> you do call IJabberSession::PutAvailable(bool)
> method.
> Dmitriy
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> wacked - Further
> From: "Karthik K H" <karu708 at>
> Subject: Re: RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update
> wacked - Further
> > oh yeah....
> >  what if i were to tell u that the same damn
> > application works just fine if i use the JabberCOM
> dll
> > that comes shipped with the Jabber Instant
> Messenger
> > Ver 1.7. which is obviously older than the
> JabberCOM
> > Dll 2.4.x...!!!
>     Then I'd say I'm not sure why, becouse I don't
> belive that the behavior
> changed between the versions.  Perhaps it did.  Best
> thing I can say is, you
> now need to send presence manually.  This is becouse
> you actually have a
> choice in WHO you want to send presence to. 
> Hypothetically, instead of
> simply sending presence to the server, and allowing
> *IT* to broadcast it to
> everyone, you could send individual packets to the
> few people you WANT to
> see you online.  If JabberCOM auctomatically sent a
> presence packet, it
> would negate this feature..
> > i am a professional developer and wont make some
> > arbitrary statements with out testing the whole
> thing.
> > Unless the usage of the DLL itself is changed from
> > it's previous version.. which is not my fault
>     So now we're assigning blame for a change in
> functionality?  Shesh..
> Please, DON'T FIRE ME..  I CAN'T AFFORD to lose
> thi..
>     HHHeeeeeyyyyy now....    8-P
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