[JDEV] Strange server behaviour

Rodolphe Duge de Bernonville rod at idealx.com
Thu Jul 5 07:52:27 CDT 2001

Gang Liu a écrit :
> >
> >I'm currently suspecting base_connect to be the origin of my problems.
> >When the problems occurs, all messages seem correctly handled by the server
> >but all
> >the packets that are to be sent to my service (which is a base_connect
> >service) are not sent
> >seems that the base_connect is hanged
>         I have found this problem many days before.When I post it to mailing list,nobody can help me.
>         I use my xdb_backend to replace xdb_file module.The xdb backend used base_connect or base_accept.

there was a also a problem in the deliver function of "old" jabberd (<
for xdb packet and xdb gateway.

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